About Explaino Mania Animated Video Maker

Explaino, an Explainer Video and Animation Company was founded in 2008, as a small team of curious people. Curious about your business, what makes you special, what you’re experts in. We want to know the what, the why, the how–pick your brain and turn the findings into a video. We’ve spent the past decade learning about businesses small and large, new and old, local and abroad. Our passion is to take what we learn from you and turn that into video content that can accomplish anything. If you just want an explainer video company, that’s not us. But if you’re looking for someone who can research your message, understand your audience and explain to them what you do and why they should care. Well, that’s us. We do that. We make videos that bring companies to life.

Meet The Maniacs

We are a curious bunch. We pounce on new challenges like cats on lasers. We deliver projects on-time and beyond expectations. Our team’s background combines psychology, user behavior, digital strategy, motion graphics, and project management. No other team can deliver to our creative standards and attention to detail.

Script Writers

Our scriptwriters are responsible for the concept of the story around your idea.

Storyboard Artists

After the script is done, our storyboard artists sketch your idea in harmony with the script, visualizing it to the last detail. The skeleton of your video is completed.


Our animators then breathe life into the script ad concept of your video, giving motion to the graphics, adding music and voiceover to the animation.

Voiceover Artists

Our talented voiceover artists give an identity to your brand, recording their talent in more than 25 languages.
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